The Ethic

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A loose association of ideas, beliefs, feelings, thinking and morals.


Haan International

We've traveled the whole world over,
We Haans of International fame,
And now we have a Website,
Which saves us using our brain.
People wonder how it started,
Many hoped it soon would end ,
It started when we formed it,
It almost drove us round the bend.
Financially we own the world,
But our assets are long since frozen,
It's impossible to join the Haan's,
Unless, that is, you're chosen
The mystery of Haan lives on,
We've been investigated by the Ministry,
They left baffled and in disarray,
They just couldn't break the dynasty.
Haans are flashes of forced lightening,
Like sun on tranquil waters
Like moonbeams on some distant shore,
Take care, lock up your daughters.
The attraction in our way of life,
Remains a mystery to all,
Our strength our power our noble house,
Stands tall, will never fall.
Our unity is based on trust,
Our trust is in a handshake,
If one of us is hurt, falls down,
We appear like snowflakes in a landscape.
Haans wondrous times are with us still,
Especially on away day benders,
I've seen Haan's wounded, almost dead,
What is this word "Surrender".
The legend lives
There will be more to follow,
For now I send my thoughts to Haan,
and rest until the morrow.
With beers in hand, with haan we stand,
Inside our fortress noble,
We face the east our eyes will feast on
Annon Haan

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